About Us

LTM Concrete sells premiere pre-cast and on-site plastic concrete parts for the construction industry.  Our experience goes back years as a supplier to jobsites all over the United States.  

Plastics are revolutionizing the way concrete is used world-wide.  LTM Concrete parts are DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT and LONG LASTING.  They’re made in the USA.  Plus, they’re easy on your budget.

Everyone knows “buying American” means high-quality products and a healthy economy. By partnering with us, you’ll be supporting a home-grown family business, creating steady job opportunities for hard-working Coloradans and helping revitalize U.S. manufacturing. That’s just smart business.

LTM Concrete manufactures it’s parts with strong injection molding and has been leading innovation in the industry for over thirty years.

The company maintains its headquarters in Denver, Colorado and offers services to all fifty states.