Rebar Spacer Products

Bolster Chairs

LTM Slab Bolster Chairs are stronger than the competition and tested to meet DOT specs.

Caged Chairs

LTM Caged Rebar Chairs are an easy way to position rebar prior to the pour.


The Dually is an extremely versatile tool for placing rebar prior to pour.

Rail Spacer

This Rail Spacer is built to fit the forms of a concrete split rail fence.

Rebar Clips

Rebar Clips are horizontal supports for standard rebar sizes, eliminating the need to wire-tie reinforcements.

Snap Rebar Chairs

LTM Snap Rebar Chairs are a sturdy and inexpensive method for setting your rebar grid in precast and pour-in-place applications.

Horizontal Rebar Holder

LTM’s Horizontal Rebar Holder (HRH) is the easy way to fasten rebar perpendicular to other bars.

Vertical Rebar Holder

Built for vertical form work, the Vertical Rebar Holder (VRH) is a simple way to keep everything in place.

Wheel Spacer

Wheel Spacers are great for quickly setting reinforcements at the correct height in your pour.

Exposed Aggregate Chairs

Exposed Aggregate (EA) Chairs are used to support rebar or mesh in exposed aggregate and sand-blasted concrete.

Tilt Up Chairs (Stackable)

Tilt-up Caged Chairs are the perfect solution for placing rebar within tilt-up slabs.

Parking Curb Chair

The Parking Curb Chair is a great way to reinforce concrete parking curbs and bumpers without risk of corrosion.

Fence Panel Spacer

The Fence Panel Spacer positions two #3 bars within a decorative privacy panel.

Fence Rail Spacer

This fence rail spacer chair holds two bars within a split rail form.

Fence Post Spacer

This fence post spacer chair is built to hold four bars within a split rail fence post.

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