The Dually is the revolutionary new rebar support from LTM Concrete.

Initially intended to replace two common chairs, the folks using it have reported more than a dozen practical applications. Perhaps we named it too soon. Cut back on the number of supports you carry to each site, and on overall job costs with Dually.

Click here for a PDF with some of the applications Dually can help with.

  • Supports rebar at seven (7) different heights
  • Clips work with #3-6 rebar, but it can support up to #12 at 2″
  • Vertical and horizontal applications
  • Can hold rebar perpendicular to your foundation
  • Wide base plate works on any surface
  • Durable, lightweight, non-corrosive, polypropylene construction.
  • Patent pending


Part No. Height Width Depth Qty/Ctn
D520-000 2.75″ 3.5″ 2.75″ 100

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