Tilt-up Caged Chair

Tilt-up Caged Chair

LTM’s Tilt-up Caged Chairs are the perfect solution for placing rebar within tilt-up slabs. They are similar to Caged Rebar Chairs, but have a fine point at the end of each leg for minimal reveal. These can be widely used, but were designed specifically for tilt-up and precast applications.

  • Sturdy, stackable design to achieve many heights
  • Joinery will also accept Caged Rebar Chairs
  • Fine-points at leg base reduce visibility in final product
  • Large cavities permit concrete to surround part completely
  • Available in white or grey
  • Durable, lightweight, non-corrosive, polypropylene construction.


Part No. Height Rebar No. Qty/Ctn
TCC300-275 2 3/4″ All 120
TCC300-350 3 1/2″ All 120
TCC300-400 4″ All 120
TCC300-450 4 1/2″ All 120

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