Headed to the Cleve

That’s right, we’re headed to C-town for the Precast Show 2017. Swing by BOOTH 880 and say hello! The Precast Show is the largest precast-specific trade show in North America and the one place you can find the industry’s most important suppliers and foremost equipment experts under one roof. This year, the event will be […]

Vegas, baby!

The annual pilgrimage continues. We’re headed back to the World of Concrete in Las Vegas to show the world what we do. We sell some small parts but we always make a big impression. At LTM, we know how to have a good time…

Real-world Feedback

We were very excited to introduce Dually at last year’s World of Concrete. But nothing makes us happier than seeing LTM products used in the real world.

Rapid Expansion

Following the introduction of several new parts at the World of Concrete, we knew we had to think bigger. In March 2014, LTM Concrete acquired another 24,000 square feet to give us some breathing room.

Revolutionary rebar support

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… DUALLY.

This little beaut can hold rebar in more than a dozen positions, and it’ll handle several sizes too. It’s good standing up, laying down, upside-down and backed into a corner… Dually just does more.

Go ahead and try it… we know you’ll be satisfied.

We are LTM Concrete's distributor for precast producers in North America. We chose LTM Concrete because they manufacture quality parts at competitive pricing. They are even willing to create new products to address our customers' needs.
David Whelan // FISTER, INC
We will continue to work with LTM Concrete for all our molded concrete accessories and frankly, any other item they might bring to the table because of the service and quality of product we've seen.
Stephen Young // STRESSCON
We have been very pleased with [LTM Concrete] - be it assisting us with the design of new or existing products. They have always provided excellent quality, pricing and service.

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